Photogrammetric Rock 5 - Cluster
Hi Patrons!

"Funny" story today : I finally played Half-Life 1 (already played HL 2 +episodes) after watching someone on twitch.
But while he was playing it normally (no tweaks or else) I, for some reasons, I decided to play it without any texture filtering. =)
And I prefered -and even loved- this graphic version of the game. I dunno why but the game is more pleasant to me with all those visible pixels ; it looks sharper and more "detailed".

So I tried the trick in Marmoset 2. Each texture has its own controls like mip-map, filtering, anisotropic levels etc... and it looks good actually.
I mean, with 4k textures the filtering is barely useful (I love pixels so I'm might be biased on this ^^; ).
Somehow it helps to judge the optimal distance of view. =)

I also tried this in the underwater scene I've made for a Unity3D asset. Same thing, same feeling, it looks good except for the caustic effect, for this kind of effect it's too much. But it saved a lot of frames (over 30fps usually to over 90fps without filtering (point) ).

I wanted to try this on other games but if it doesn't run on dx9 or below we can't force it with nvidia-inspector or else. Pity.  =|

It's something you also can do with some emulators and it gives a nice "new" look to some old games we played in the past.

 This asset is licensed under CC-0 (4.0 or later) 


 EDIT : added a 4k² textures version (1k² for occlusions) + better files   naming for consistency with newer rocks. Multi-archives due to Patreon   file size limitation. 

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