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Being a photographer's assistant is not my usual job. It was an odd job, but I got paid! As you all know, Ryan is such a car guy. He was fixing cars ever since he was a kid helping his dad with the family's car towing business. He drove his first car when he was fourteen, and took auto shop in high school. Needless to say, he loves cars, and his dream has been to have the car he has now. His dream was realized, but now he has the opportunity to have it compete in a car show next month and he has a good chance of winning. It takes money to prepare a car to compete and he has already accepted that he doesn't have the finances to enter. However! I haven't! I don't want him to give up his dream or what makes him happy, so odd jobs like this is how I'm going to get him and his Mercedes E55 AMG to that car show! lol #workingforafuturehubby