Photos: April Day in Norwich
The bluebells were out in Norfolk and we thought it might be nice to take advantage of that, one thing led to another and there we were in full costume somewhere near Norwich Cathedral.

There were only the two of us for April photo day, myself in costume for my Imperial Orc, Skywise Gralka, and Ben Allen dressed in his costume for his Urizen Sentinel, Kaii of Pheonix Reach.

Reading Song Books

- Ben chose to bring the song books himself not me, was a nice thing to have them as it looks like he had found a nice place to sit down and read rather than a nice tree to pose by. Well I'd like to think so.

Elm Hill - Urizen Shopping

- I cannot help but think he has gone looking for the wand shop or something else, then I remind myself that he's not actually a wizard, but this was a cheeky picture of Kaii in costume on Elm Hill which was where we went for tea after the first set of pictures.

Southpine Southbound

- Gralka inherited a business, they are a bit rubbish but they are less rubbish when you start making art about them. So here is my orc with a sack of goods for her business bringing it across the Skarsind hills.

Flower Picking

- This was one of the last photos we took of the day and it has me (not actually picking the flowers) poking around the bluebells. My hair was behaving for once and you can really see all the layers of costume that build my orcs outfit proper.

These are some of my favorites from the day but you can view the whole gallery here, I confess that many of them have ended up a little bit too dark and it's something I'll have to bear in mind for future.

View the whole gallery here: It's a facebook gallery