Photoshop stability test sketches (Elephant)
I needed to sketch something to test Photoshop's stability on my new Surface Pro 4, so I went with elephants, since it's not an animal I usually draw and I figured that's a good way to test if I can control my sketching (not something I could, initially, because of some hidden pen settings in Windows 10) while also testing the stability.

Photoshop still crashes every time I use it, so something is wrong - this happened on the previous Surface I was trying, too, so it's something with either Windows 10 or the Surface itself. (The photoshop is legit and current).

I have drawn...a LOT of garbage while testing this thing. I've been out of work (which is a very bad thing right now) for 3 entire days, I can't do a thing with this laptop, and my regular one is in the repair shop. But, this test doodle looked decent enough to post here, so...well, have some elephants. xD in a lot of trouble over here. -_-

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