PHOTOSHOP VIP $10/Month Rewards

I'm now offering monthly Photoshop brushes for those who are interested. Here's a list of the rewards you can access with your $10/month membership. Once you become a member, you can use the links to access the content.

🖌️  New Brushes Each Month Get access to new brushes for Photoshop each month.

💲  Discounts Save up to 50-75% off select training courses and products with special  coupons for members-only.  

🖼️ Real Art Templates Ditch the blank white canvas and download my Real Art Templates that you can use as a starting point for your next painting. The templates simulate a variety of natural media such as pencil, watercolor and thick paint. Each file is a universal PSD format document sized to standard print and frame sizes. The templates are pre-configured with texture overlay layers and canvas toning to make it feel more like you are working traditionally.

💬 Full Access to my Patrons-Only Discord Channels - Chat with your fellow artists using text, voice and video on a private server. Share images of your artwork, get help from fellow artists, receive feedback on art and more. (All channels unlocked)  

🎁 Plus you'll get everything from the $5 reward tier.