PHOTOSHOP VIP $10/Month Benefits

Here's a list of the benefits you can access with your $10/month membership. Once you become a member, you can use the links to access the content.

🖌️  Inspirational New Brushes
Download several new brushes for Photoshop each month. (Many of these brushes also work with Adobe Fresco for Windows & iOS.)

New brushes are only available for the current month and then they are replaced with a new set. If you prefer to purchase brush packs rather than collect them in a monthly subscription, you can do that as well.

 💰 Get 100% off my Photoshop Training Course that can teach you how to enhance your art using Photoshop.

🖼️ Real Art Templates Ditch the blank white canvas and download my Real Art Templates that you can use as a starting point for your next painting. The templates simulate a variety of natural media such as pencil, watercolor and thick paint. Each file is a universal PSD format document sized to standard print and frame sizes. The templates are pre-configured with texture overlay layers and canvas toning to make it feel more like you are working traditionally.

💬 Full Access to my Patrons-Only Discord Channels - Chat with your fellow artists using text, voice and video on private channels. Share images of your artwork, get help from fellow artists, receive feedback on art and more. (All channels unlocked). Plus you role will be elevated and highlighted on the public channels.

📹  Early Releases & Bonus Content
Get instant access to my Patreon feed where I post early releases of new videos and some bonus content!

🖼️ Access a Library of Reference Images you can use in your art.

🤝🏼  Connect with Other Digital Artists
Comment on art and share your work in a private community  of artists from around the world. We welcome artists of all backgrounds  and skill-levels. Our community is a positive place to share and  receive kind and constructive feedback.


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