Hi All

Carla, the marketing Goblin here, for those of you who got our previous post/email about the WW2 film we made with our day job work, I just want to clarify something. I made a mistake in my phrasing well I didn't elaborate enough. Our day job company, Global Access, is very proud and happy with the film (we are sending it to short film competitions) however it's YouTube channel is very corporate focused and so we wanted to put the film on a channel that was more likely to be seen by more awesome people (like yourselves) who might enjoy the film. We are proud of the film and our work on it! We and our day job company wanted to share it with more people and so we put the video on How To Be A Great Game Master.

So I apologize for my phrasing earlier.... Definitely rolled a one there :( 


Carla the marketing goblin :)