Physical Goods During the Coronavirus

Hey all,

I thought I might put out a formal statement once again with some information on what's going on with the physical books. I've been going back and forth about what I want to do with the books since this whole thing started.

I've decided officially that I'm holding off on shipping until things get a little more stable in the US. I'm not sure how long that could delay things as none of us are really sure how long we will need to self-quarantine. But I can promise transparent communication as long as I'm able to give it.

Why the delay?

There are two main reasons I'm holding things off.

First, the books are printed by Amazon. Amazon is getting its ass handed to it and it can barely handle what it has. Their priorities at the moment are in shipping essential goods like food, medical supplies, household care, etc. Even with just six categories (out of 14ish) that they're shipping, throwing in a few hundred books on top of that not only ties up their warehouse workers but also ties up deliver drivers. To put it in perspective, I've got about 200 books sitting next to me right now. It takes one 50 lbs box to hold 40 books, so that's five pretty large boxes. A driver who has to deliver my orders will a) crowd their truck with the books and b) have to spend about 20 minutes unloading. 

Second, they're shipped media mail. Media mail must go out in person, meaning I have to physically leave and go out in public to ship them. Even if I was interested in endangering my family like that, it's likely that mandated isolation will go into effect soon, which means that only people running essential businesses will be able to run errands. As much as we love D&D, DMDave is not an essential business. 

Yes, I could cheat and throw in a priority mail book to encourage pick-up, but again, that ties up a postal carrier as noted above.

The books are still being created.

Having said all that, the books are still very much being made. All of the funds are escrowed, and there are literally about 500 books just sitting in my office as we speak (mostly #4s). #5 is just about done, too, so that PDF will drop soon, as well. #6 and the compendium won't be far behind.

You'll get credits for everything.

Patreon has a pretty good system for keeping track of Patrons and what they've spent. So long as you've been a gold member, you'll get the books. Granted, they might all show up on your door at once someday, in like... June haha! But regardless, you'll get them.

In the meantime, I'm exploring additional benefits. I'm still working the day job (and busier than ever) but my focus is also on making sure that people stay entertained.

If you need to talk to me, please don't hesitate to do so.

Most of you who've contacted me in the past know how quick I am to respond. This can be regarding the books, your patron status, or it can even be just to tell me what's on your mind. It's a tough time and the only way we'll get through it together.

Thanks for understanding everyone.

We'll get through this. 

Overcoming adversity is what D&D nerds do best! ;)

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