Physical rewards stuff
Hey, Patronies! I just wanna talk a bit about my physical rewards and see with you if everything went OK. I really had a tough time with my printer to get everything the way I wanted.

10 or so days ago I sent out your May and June physical rewards and packed a few extra cards from the test batches. If your package did not arrive, let me know so I can do something about it.

I'll probably be sending physical stuff every two months in batch to decrease expenses. I've had a drop in pledges so I have to be careful. I really enjoy making these little prints and I hope you enjoy having them!

Also, you can opt out of physical rewards if you wish, and I can give you a discount for a print, or a digital product. A few of you did so already.

And in the end, the image up there will be your August $10 miniprint! I really like how that print turned out. I am still picking your $5 cards for July and August, and the July Miniprint will be either National Class from Alterslavia or a surprise. :)

As for digital stuff, no fear, I am just bundling more stuff together. July and August were super hot and messed me up completely, so I had less digital art.

Thanks and see you on a next stream, on my Discord and in real life for a few of you. :D

Your buddy Živko.