The Physics of the Quest - The Law of Reflection
"Mirror mirror show me clear, show me how my Life appears.

Mirror mirror show my Face, teach me back my inner Grace"

There are Laws, by which our experience resolves.  The subtle gravities of consciousness that underlay our circumstance.

Many of us have heard the axiom, "Everything is a mirror", or "I'm just a reflection of You" and similar.  Such is what is sometimes called 'The Law of Reflection'., and is an integral part of understanding the Physics of the Quest.

In this case, there are two things to consider.  One, there is a Quest.  Two, there's a constancy to it.  A physics, by which the Quest operates.  In our case, we're talking about the Quest of our personal Attainment.  The gradual understanding of how to change the circumstances of our lives.

At it's core is this Truth - What we are made of within manifest without.  Meaning, the specific, unique textures and hues of our individuality, our personality, our beliefs, our talents and challenges, manifests as our * outside * circumstance.

Yet we often do not see this.  Or see it only partially.  Coming to see this is our Quest.  To come to clarity over the nature of our Self.  And how to change what's inside to change what's without.

Such is the journey deeper into the Mythica.

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Thank you, and may you have a mythical Life