Pick Our Summer Series
Dear Patreon Friends,

Our site is back online and now it's time to pick our special Summer podcast series. We have three choices:

Summer of Bogart:   

A summer full of Bogart's movie adaptations, radio guest appearances, and probably an episode or two of Bold Venture. 

Summer of Disney:

A look at Disney's radio movie adaptations, the Mickey Mouse Theater, and a few other Disney characters who make radio appearances.

Tarzan and the Diamonds of Asher:

Tarzan, friends, and foes journey in search of treasure and encounter around every turn in this 39-part adventures that we'll bring you over 13 weeks. Really, one of the better adventure serials I've heard.

Rank your choice for our Summer series in order 1-3 by taking this poll . We'll have the results a week from today.

Also, please take time to complete this short survey  on Video Theater. I really need your feedback to determine its future on pour podcast.

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