Pictures In View (August 11,2017)
Take a moment. 

Breath and pause.

Starring out into the world 

Starring at the sky that moves with the centre

Of gravity as it spins.

We see the pictures in view

Of the functality of what defines us, as humans.

The grounds that moves us.

The grounds we walk on.

We feel.

We touch.

We love.

We taste. 

We express all the feelings 

That makes us whole.

We travel.

We drive.

We ride.

We walk.

We run.

Like the pictures are live daily 

As our sights guide us.

As our legs and our bodies move us

To live.

We fight.

We love.

We disagree.

Our emotions guide us to survive 

To be alive, as we picture our views into the world 

As we live our lives through the motions and movements.