Pictures: The explosive Trip

You don’t want to know about depression 

Or should I say my depression 

It’s really real and it’s here 

No one to talk to 

In the midst of all this fear 

Blank canvas 

These are my thoughts I don’t care 

3 in the morning I’m drinking 

I’m not here 

I wasn’t going to swear but I don’t care no more 

The things I’ve seen 

Fuck this I ain’t gotta explain shit to you 

You know what depression is?

Sleeping when you know you got work to do

Laying in your bed all day doing everything else but what you’re meant to be doing 

House of cards I’m frank 

Where’s my Claire 

I wish this didn’t have to hit me in reverse 

I’m drinking and smoking in reverse 

Images pull up like a hurst 

Pictures so real 

Guess the pallet you’re right 

Dab it once more 

You have to see it for sure 

Drinking sipping leaning 

Fucking whores 

Two literals

Left Hand lieutenant

Right hand still in the game 

Jeykll life 

Played it right 

Sadly I live it right 

I’m still in this 

I’m still in this 

You know what depression is mate 

Knowing you got work to do but going to drink your sorrows away in the attempts of not killing yourself for uni work 

Irony right 

Henny sipping 

More irony 

You don’t wanna enter my mind 

Kwarmz locked away 

See French is taking over now 

Writing from the soul 

Acadias has got you now 

You feeling what I feel now 

I do this thing so perfectly 

Still loud cries for help 

Drowned out by indistinct chatter 

Am I worth it reigns through my mind 

Hazy gazed at times 

I still wanna sip 

You know what depression is

Telling yourself going to play football will take out your stress

Make you perform at your best 

Poor time management 

Don’t compensate for what I’m about to do 

I can’t even tell you, it’s nothing new 

But now I can sleep till oblivion 

And wake up to some Tuscan leather then have my ears on some bonfires 

I’m touching the surface 

She can surf this 

You wanna know about depression 

Fuck this 

I think you know what it is 

And I think you chose to ignore it 

Here for your benefit 

Playing these silly games 

Let’s cut to the chase 

Cutthroat I’m Frank right?

Stuck in these Barns I?

Paint the pictures with my soul I?

Stand looking at the Train tracks thinking should I jump in

But sitting with Ted 

It’s just a jackpot kinda night 

So we sitting getting high 

Shouldn’t say that 

Maybe they hate that 

Still I’m me 

Me with the comfort 

Me with the smiles 

Me with the happiness 

Me with the loud 

Maybe I’m to loud 

Or maybe we weren’t friends 

Coz the way you treat me now 

Oh maybe we’re not friends 

Or maybe we’re great friends

Like I’m in the pocket of your hands 

Needy babies I said it 

You fuel my depression 

Soon I won’t be in this 

Then what will you say?

Mate what would you do?

Try this with someone else 


So what’s good?

So what’s new?

Can you do this for me too?

I’m still stuck here and it’s true 

So how do I get out of this?

Imma focus on my dreams 

Imma focus to be me 

Imma focus to be seen 

Coz I know that I’m a King 

And I know that you’re a Queen 

So I before I let you go 

I’ll paint you a picture for the future 

Close your eyes imagine a kid just trying to be heard 

Lost hope 

Everyone coming with this negligence 

So the kids stuck in neglect 

So he took to painting pictures 

It’s crazy you can’t miss this 

Coz the kid has clocked the system 

This kid was painting 10 pictures a day for 7 summers

Now open your eyes 

This kid is YOU!


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