Piece and quiet
In this kind of a LOUD world, you sometimes wish to have just some piece and quiet.So you potentially go to a forest,a shack in the middle of nowhere just to have some piece and quiet. But then when you go to the shack or the forest some hillbillies play music LOUDER than a twenty one pilots concert. Then you go somewhere else but then you find a pack of wolves or dogs even and you remember you have Cynophobia (phobia of dogs), and then you're basically screwed. So you run away but they're following you. Then you become a parkour king by jumping over some fences, and you trip in your neighbors garden. He tries to call the police but you convince him to not call them by giving him your old backpack for his weed....I mean his stuff. And then you run to your home and try to sleep. But then your relatives come and screw your sleep. You come outside to say hello. They give you noting now you are thinking "Why they didn't give me anything". Then you go back to your room and you her your mom let's give you a name for example let's say Jack, yeah Jack is great. You hear her voice "JAAAAAAACK sweeeeetyyyy, can you go to the shop". You go to the shop buy the cookies and juice. SO YOU WILL NEVER GET SOME PIECE AND QUIET WHEN THERE ARE PEOPLE AROUND....

(I know this is bad but it was a ruff day so I had no inspiration everything that I said in this story is kinda true, so yeah have a awesome day not like mine it was really bad when I jumped the fence i fell and hurt my leg almost broke it I went to the doctor and now I have a thing on my leg to straighten the bone so yeah at least I don't have to go to school)

Stay awesome :D