Well good morning everyone! Well I had an interesting night of dreams, but hey, don't ask don't tell. Wink, wink! Well we're nearing the concluding pages of Pieces here, and it's been a small but emotional journey for us so far. Fingers crossed it all goes well! Up for download is the next page of Pieces, so go for it!

Hey, if you're like me, which I would want to believe we're more alike than unalike, then sometimes you feel really tired physically and emotionally. Its in these moments we can feel rather uncertain of the future and ourselves. It can also sometimes lead to impatience and shortsighted reaction. When you find yourself in that state, I wouldn't mind you having a glass of water or just closing your eyes for a moment or two. Maybe pull up a video of a cat playing with one of those fishing poles that have a squeaky toy mice on the end.

Perception is everything. It is a liquid state of personal opportunity and emotional resolve. It can go either way by the hour so I want those hours to be good for you, because goodness spreads from you to others and so forth. I know it can be hard because it truly is easy to follow the various signs of our perception..so just remember when you feel so tired...cats pawing at dangling strings! You be good today and if it wasn't so hot, well feel free to message if you want and just talk about it or anything really.