Pierre Hedary Mercedes Benz Specialist
I've worked on this channel for over two years. We've come a long way in its development with my own blood sweet and tears. I created this project as a way of being busy learning how to tell a story with motion Pictures and sound, to share with the world. Meeting Pierre is a blessing as he's allowed me to tell his story, share his passion, enthusiasm, knowledge, on classic Mercedes Benz.
To advance this work I need upgrade equipment for capturing and editing. We have a few episodes on his classic Mercedes Benz that been very popular with our audience, the how two videos, plus our weekly Q&A, and Pierre's experiences twice a week for a little over a year. Our audience is growing each week, with new subscribers.
The new equipment will allow us to create a monthly how to video, (suggested by our audience) once a month. When I goal is meet to start, then we will be equipped and experienced to deliver a Pierre Hedary Classic Mercedes Benz video every other month.