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PIGSquad @ Northwest Animation Festival 2015
We were asked again to help with the Northwest Animation Festival this year, providing an afterparty and working with the animation industry panel. This screening festival was founded in 2010, growing to receive 1,385 unique film submissions from 64 countries this year in 2015 and hosting events in both Portland and Eugene.

The Thursday night of the seven-day festival, I was able to participate in the industry panel side-by-side with Shelly Midthun from the Portland Development Commission, Shilpa Sunthankar from Fashionbuddha, Roland Gauthier from Hinge Digital, Anna Kvorning from LAIKA, and the Oregon Animation Industry Showcase. We were able to talk about current developments in our state-wide and national industry, and I was able to share lots of info about access for game animators via PIGSquad!

Quick aside –speaking of industry– a few PIGSquad members were able to showcase their work in Salem for a legislative demo day this month, encouraging our legislators and other media makers to support Oregon videogame companies in receiving tax incentives through the Oregon Production Investment Fund. More on that when developments come..!

Back to the Animation Festival, we were able to make a huge score for the Saturday afterparty, gaining access to a beta for Armikrog: the spiritual successor to the '96 fully-claymation point 'n click game The Neverhood! We also played Zero Zen by our friend Mike Romero and shot "Keyboard Drumset Fucking Werewolf" on the big screen. So awesome to play a super popular demo and some other awesome sweet-graphics games in front of a crowd in a great venue! The animators/developers for Armikrog want to stay in touch with the festival and with PIGSquad for other showcase events, and we may end up using the venue, "Mazza's," for an event in the near future :D

More soon!