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PIGSquad Drink 'n Draw
Awwman, where do I start? I must say that was entirely cray, wouldn't you agree? Thanks so much to everyone who made some fan art, came out with their game, came to hang out, brought some friends, bought something at the venue – anything. This event was so crazy good in every little way and I'm so happy that we were all able to share our making-it-happen together. Venue is happy, spirits are high, memories are strong, and mouths are talking! At our first PIGSquad Drink 'n Draw, we combined elements of an already-popular event format for comic book artists in Portland and merged our wonderful game community! Game developers set up over 20 of their games at the Northwest Lucky Lab Brewpub, and comic book artists, animators, illustrators, and sketchers joined to draw "fan art" of the games on display. Simple as that – drinking, drawing, playing, and having a blast! This was the largest event we've ever hosted, even when you include game jams. I expected 50, we had 80 RSVP, and 134 were in attendance that night. So cool! Included in those attendees, Nintendo and Intel representatives were on site, and over five youth who aspire to be game makers came to enjoy projects and talk to developers. A new swag item appeared in the form of PIGSquad sketch books, and our Nintendo friend brought some MarioKart prizes as well. We had the works! That being said, we'll definitely be doing this again. A very good profile booster for PIGSquad, as people who were able to come are so pleased, and those who couldn't join us are super envious :3 I was also super stoked that we were able to further build bridges between comic art/illustrator/animation communities and the game community – that was one reason I was so happy about the designer presence at the crowdfunding event we hosted for Design Week Portland in October. Now artists in Portland love PIGSquad :D Not much else to say about that other than another "wow." I had a great time with everyone! One thing I do want to mention about the Patreon very briefly, though: I'm working on switching to a new set of rewards this week (including a few goal modifications) to make me better available for more cool events and outreach. I'll be posting again about that soon! Until then, see you this Thursday at OMSI for our industry event!