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PIGSquad Drink 'n Draw February 2015
Pfwhoa, I love that we're breaking our records for most attended event almost every iteration – those of you who came to this one were at PIGSquad's largest event to date at 177 people! Hoo hah! Lots of people have been asking me about what the deal is with the Drink 'n Draws (now plural, this was #2 :D) being so popular, and my recent answer is: "Why not?" I think having a dedicated event for play, sharing with the art/comic book/illustration/animator community, creating the potential for future teammates and collaborators, and word of mouth all have a lot to say about that. A great opportunity for people of all walks of gamedev to come together, mingle, and get something out of it (that base "something" being a super fun time :3). For those of you who weren't there, take a look at the picture above to see what that looks like! Set up your game, play others' games, make a drawing based off of games – something there for everyone! Especially happy to welcome so many youth, women, and tabletop developers into our community. Unfortunately, many of our photos did not reflect our female attendance :( Still stoked that we're able to practice community-building for multiple demographics so that all feel welcome to be creative with others! As a result of this great turnout, I'll have lots of you to talk to regarding some showcase opportunities later this month and next month with OMSI and some other organizations! Also excited to add to our retinue of awesome local projects via a local Ludum Dare site we're aiming to host in April. So, if you're inspired to showcase a game with us or just excited to see what you might be able to do in a gamedev setting based on how awesome the Drink 'n Draw was, join us in the future and you can capitalize on that inspiration! Another interesting thing about this Drink 'n Draw – many of the guests I invited from companies like Nintendo, Intel, Sony, Nike, Humble Bundle, and Indiefund were unable to join because of the mad dash that everyone's making to get ready for the Game Developers Conference this week. I'll be going, as will many many other PIGSquad people, and will be working to put more eyes on Portland. I have guests lined up for Ludum Dare, our next Drink 'n Draw (maybe June/July), and a couple of special events on the schedule for later in the year… Keep your eyes out! Lots of professional opportunities around the corner, and lots of people asking me about how they can support professionals in Portland. With that, I'm off! See you at GDC or the following week – we have some cool stuff lined up, so pay attention to the Facebook Group and for ways to hop in and support a gamier Portland!