A pile of art!
I've been bad at updating this. First off- ring tailed lemur that I made Saturday on Twitch (cnelson's pablodraw server) - that one was super fun to make. 

Also here's a few warmup drawings that I won some steemit contests with. The limitation is that you have 15 minutes to draw.

The dove is this little dude who's been hanging out on my balcony. Sometimes he has a ladyfriend with him. I got some birdseed to try to encourage them to come around more often.

And here's some Parallax art!

This one was an article about data breeches. At first I was just like wtf, how do I draw this?

And this was fun to do- illustration about APT attacks.

A bit of my designwork ended up at Commerce Casino's Lunar New Year event- worked with Buzzhive Productions to put this together real quick. Illustration is just stock art though. Here's a link to some shots: https://twitter.com/CommerceCasino/status/964281550522040320 

This week I'm mostly catching up on logo designs, some Toorcamp art for our camp, and redesigning my portfolio. I dropped one of my lenses off to Canon for repair and will be getting back into photography when that's back - I feel like an anxious parent with it gone. p0pe and tenlow are both flying in this week, and I'll be at hacker drinkup tonight. I'm also doing my crypto taxes, and might put together an article on that soon. Have an interview done for spelunk.in about daytrading that's going up in a week. Heads up on a crypto twitter rumor- alt season is coming.

<3 Pinguino