A Pile of New Podcasts! D&D 3 Remastered, LEGO Batman Review, & New Lightning Dogs
It's been a busy weekend for in-house editing, folks!

First, Doug and I caught an early screening of The LEGO Batman Movie and recorded a review for it. That episode is what would normally be the Wednesday Nerdy Show release, but in the interest of keeping the review fresh, we put it out Saturday night. Oh, and it's spoiler-free!
Listen here: http://nerdyshow.com/2017/02/lego-batman-movie-review/

Then we've got our every-other-week Lightning Dogs release, as per usual. In this episode Tony invents some potato people and tells the story behind the hashtag that's haunted him for the past couple years: #betterwithouttony


And last but most definitely not least... we remastered the 3rd episode of Dungeons & Doritos, The Quest for the Erotic Pangolin! Been wanting to do this for a while. Now all three of our D&D 4th Edition episodes (and some of our roughest recordings) are easier on the ears.

Listen here: http://nerdyshow.com/2017/02/dungeons-doritos-the-quest-for-the-erotic-pangolin-remastered/

This month's new episode of D&D will be along shortly, and there's a very good chance you fine Patreon folks will hear it first. Here's a little bit more info from Galdap: https://soundcloud.com/dungeonsanddoritos/dd-bulletin-the-quest-for-the-erotic-pangolin-remastered