The pilot is here folks!
That's right. I'm going to start showing it! You'll be able to read the pilot I've made to Apollo's Adventures. It's a work in progress - I want to see how interested people are in the characters! I apologise for the amateur comic handling - I had many frustrations panelling all this and will make sure that any errors and any issues are ironed out by the time the actual prologue is here.

Now let me explain how this is going to work. My dear patrons will get dibs every time, so I will do my best to post 2 pages of the pilot a week here, whereas there will only be 1 posted a week elsewhere (Tumblr / website most likely).

Anyone attending MCM London or Birmingham will be able to get the entire thing in a small format for free (As they are a comic con only mini-book), otherwise, please wait patiently. I look forward to hearing your commentary and thoughts on the characters.

I will be posting an information page to quickly outline a little about this series.

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