[PimpMySims4] Better Elders Mod

Hey everyone! This isn't so much an update as it is a revamp... a lot of my files were corrupted and unfortunately I didn't have a backup for the better elders mod, so I decided to start over and fix some things that were bothering me while I'm at it. That being said, a lot of the features from the last version are in this one, but you'll notice some events and the lot trait are not, I will have better working versions in the next update. Hope you guys aren't too disappointed, but I did manage to add a few new interactions and updated some icons and other small things. Love you all so please don't be shy, drop some suggestions for this revamp!


- [09/17/21] Updated for the latest patch and added Italian and Portuguese translations

- [08/02/21] Fixed empty text strings

- [07/21/21] Updated for the latest patch

- [06/23/21] Added French and Spanish translations

- Added new interactions

- Added aspirations

- Added new event

- Updated icons

- Fixed other small bugs


The Better Elders mod adds more gameplay for elders to create a more in depth experience for your sims. It adds traits, events, aspirations, interactions and more to your game. This mod is a work in progress, and will periodically have updates for bug fixes and to add new features.


These traits are all gameplay traits that are gained through gameplay, not through CAS.

Doting Grand Parent

Grandparent sims can use the "Spoil Grandchild" Interaction in the friendly category to give their grand kids money for toys and for a chance of gaining this trait. It is a gameplay trait which makes sims autonomously interact with kids more and give whims you would expect from a good grandparent.

Grumpy Geezer

Elders can use the "Destroy Hope and Dreams" Interaction in the mean category on a child or teen have a chance of gaining this trait. It is a gameplay trait which makes sims autonomously act mean towards other sims including kids. They will also have mean whims.


Children or teens who get their dreams crushed will gain this trait. It is a gameplay trait which makes sims occasionally sad because their dreams were crushed at an early age.


Depending on your relationship with the other sim and/or their traits, these interactions could have different results. Some interactions will give your sim and/or the other sim positive or negative buffs/moodlets! Each trait has exclusive social interactions as well, some may only appear after talking to sims for a certain period of time.

"Ask To Fix Phone"

"Gossip About Neighbor's Kids"

"Spoil Grandchild" 

"Destroy Hopes and Dreams" 

"Complain about Technology"

"Get off my lawn"

"Criticize Modern Music"

"Give Unsolicited Advice"

"Give Life Advice"

"Tell Stories About Old Times"

"Pass Down Family Traditions" *New*

"Pass Down Secret Family Recipes" *New*

...and more!


These work best if you have all or most of the packs.

Cozy Crafter *New*

This sim wants to spend all of their new free time crafting items to give to their loved ones.

Globe Trotter *New*

This sim wants to use their retirement savings to travel the world and experience all that there is to offer while they still can.

...More coming soon! 

Social Events

Senior Singles Event

Elders need some love too! Flirt and find love after retirement with this event.

Game Night

We may not have bingo, but elder sims still deserve to have fun! Invite over anyone in town to play some cards, Don't Wake the Llama, or maybe even darts.

Retirement Party *New*

Retire in style by celebrating your sim's past accomplishments as well as their future endeavors. 

Installation Instructions (PLEASE READ)
1. Delete all previous versions of this mod. 
2. Download the mod from the link below.
3. Move ZIP folder to your mods folder 
4. Extract files from the Zip folder using a program such as Winrar or Winzip (if you have multiple folders within your mods folder, make sure the .script file is no more than 1 folder deep).
5. Start your game and in your game settings make sure mods are enabled and that script mods are on. If they are not, check the boxes and then restart your game. 
6. Enjoy! 


French -  https://modsims4.fr/divers/mod-senior-pimpmysims4/ (Credit - Kimikosoma)

Spanish - Included (Credit - JeyStiv)

Italian - https://www.patreon.com/posts/55123578 (Credit - Nduja Sims)

Portuguese - Included (Credit - FlaSimsBR)

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