Pina Pirata Review

This game actually has an element that I have never seen in a board game; pirate furries.

Pinã Pirata (2014) is a matching card game for 2 to six players designed by Donald X. Vaccarino and published by IELLO games. In the game players try to match cards in their hand to the card on top of the discard pile in an attempt to empty their hands. The player who first empties their hand wins the round and the player who is the first to win a set number of rounds wins the game.

The gameplay is similar to other matching card games like Uno (1971) or Crazy eights, however, as the gameplay progresses, certain cards come into effect that change the rules slightly, giving the game a bit of randomness similar to what you would see in Fluxx (1997). Though the game is designed to be fast paced, I found that certain players tend to over analyze their options leading to games slowdown, which in a turn based card game with a lot of people can be very frustrating.

Visually, the game is great, the anthropomorphic pirate illustrations by Sylvian Guinebaud are very well done and add a whimsical tone to some very basic gameplay. Like a lot of card based games, Piña Pirata is a smaller box game with few pieces, making it ideal to take on trips or to events where you and your friends may have some significant downtime.

All in all I found Piña Pirata to be a fun and simple game, a good game to play with friends in a casual setting. I wouldn’t recommend it for players looking for a complex strategy driven game, but if you want to upgrade from Uno that this is one for you.

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