Pineapple Peyote Knife Fight & Gleefully Rusting
Since you can't carry a pocket knife onto a plane anymore, had to pick up one on the street here in Mexico. Only marginally surprised that it's already rusting a little, even though it's printed on the blade as  Stainless Steel. I missed the second small bit of text that says Made in Korea. 

No worries though. Just need it for the occasional knife fight, cleaning up peyote, digging out bullets etc. but mostly just to carve up fruit like this magnificent pineapple I bought last night. Not so easy to carve with a pocket knife I'm finding.

It's the quiet time of the morning. Still not too hot yet, but this being a Saturday in a little beach town, I'm guessing the noise will indeed rise along with the heat. 

Lulled to sleep by the surf last night, but it wasn't until after midnight when the balmy air became forgiving enough, and the last of the drunks had stumbled away from the beach belting out warbled tunes of intoxicated ecstasy.

I'm laying here listening to the surf crash softly in mango colored morning light. Fully aware that I should get up and explore, hike along the beach, find some carnitas, get in a knife fight, or anything really. But all I really want to do is eat this glorious pineapple, lay back down, get in sync with the surf, and gleefully rust.