The Pines, Monster Sesh House story.
 There is a story going on about a disgracefull house with 70 people living in it and only one shower by the  going around.. 

Just wanted to say i lived in there, yeah i lived there for just over a year and i have many  amazing stories if they want to chase them down.  But here is a quick one  ;) 

 One night wile at a house sesh in the Pines... I walked out to take a breath of fresh air, but i got cought up in a trip were i got to see this  Pines Monster, a strange place, like a session paradise, this mansion was a place were if  you walk in trough that door and sit for a can, you just might end up there for a week, sleeping on sofas and staying up all night seshing and talking to  the 30 odd people who lived there and those who didnt!! ... There will come a moment were you must walk out scalding with ideas of  moving in yourself...  

The Shot i took represents the balance the pines  monster sesh house creates in its depths.. Sesh Paradise. 

Miguel Ahumada.

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