My fellow engineer friend, Tony, left a parts catalogue at the shop with a note addressed to Noodle on the cover, reading “Pink Tab”. Noodle chose to investigate this “pink tab” (the back half of the catalogue) last night while mommy was away. After exploring the gauntlet of bearings and linkages with their respective technical diagrams, Noodle has been taken by this strange curiosity he feels he must explore further.

Noodle thinks “Pink Tab” is a naughty magazine for robots now. He doesn’t understand why, but he wants more Pink Tabs, and lots of time alone to look at all the pages.

All joking aside (sorta)… I was flipping through this pink section the other day while reading the titles of everything out loud… and it made me feel kinda… dirty. I am a sexually frustrated 12-year-old male on the inside, so it might have just been in my head. BUT, after saying aloud, “press fit”, “double joint”, “angle of entry”, and “heavy duty self aligning thrust bearing“… I turned the page to find an arbitrary photo of some bananas. Bananas. And at that moment I felt mocked by the strange forces in the universe that were surely watching and laughing right then. WTF was a picture of bananas doing in the middle of a hardware catalogue at the beginning of the ball section?

I’m sorry- this amused me a little bit too much not to talk about. Noodle is almost a year and a half old now. I don’t know if this maps as early adolescence for a robot, but it seems like the right time for him to become curious about other shapes, materials, and systems of measurement. Especially since he is likely to be remade with metal parts in the near future. This rightly marks his entry into puberty. Robot Puberty.