Pins are a go!

Just heard back from the manufacturers, did my calculations, and the pins are a go! I'm quite excited 🎆 

I've put all the info together in one FAQ. If anything's unclear, please let me know, and I'll complete it! 


How do I get one? 

The pins are a reward for Patreon supporters to celebrate 4 years on Patreon this April, and will be available to Patrons (old and new) who pledge 5$ a month in my new celebration tier as of 25 March 2019. 

Can I get one if I'm not a supporter yet?

Of course! All you have to do is sign up to the celebration tier before 25 March. That's all!

What will they look like?

They’re hard enamel pins 28 mm in diameter (a bit more than an inch), with a butterfly clasp at the back.

Can I get them later, too?

The pin reward is run as a special offer that runs until 25 March, 01.00 PM CET. If you’re a long-time Patreon supporter of mine who missed out, I’ll make sure I’ll have one left for you! 

Will you ever sell them on Etsy?

Other designs, yes, but this pin, in this edition, will never be in my shop. 

Can I get more than one pin?

I think that ought to be possible, but I'll need your help. I'll be sending out an awful lot of pins next month, and anything out of the ordinary might get lost. Let me know well beforehand, and again when the pins are ready to go out. 

Do you ship worldside? 

Yes - and there's no shipping cost for you either. Your pledge is all I need. 

When can I expect my pin?

The production time is 3-5 weeks, so I hope I’ll have the pins in mid-April. (Expect unboxing videos, if I can refrain from ripping up the parcel all at once!) Once I send them off to you, it depends on where you live. Shipping times are usually some 2-4 weeks overseas.

I’m already one of your Patreon supporters. How do I get one?

Please change to the new 5$ celebration tier, and you’ll automatically get the new pin. If you stay on that tier for a few months, you automatically get the new reward that I’ll offer later in the year. That will also be a small, hands-on goodie, like buttons, stickers and the like, possibly a small-format postcard calendar (I can hear at least one of you whooping now XD). It’s possible I’ll design more pins along the road, too. The rewards will be once or twice a year, probably not more.

Can I downgrade or delete my pledge again after I have my pin?

Of course! Though I hope that you’ll enjoy your patronage enough to stay on. :)

I’m currently supporting you with 5$ a month already. Do I get the pin automatically?

Almost. I’ll just ask you to switch over to the new tier. It doesn't change anything for you, but you're currently not in the reward list, and by clicking the link and updating your address, you will be. That way, I can see at a glance how many pins I have to order, as well as making sure I have everyone’s current addresses. You’ll help me hugely if you sign up for the celebration tier. (Remember there was no previous 5$ tier - I removed all the tiers last year, so unless you switch, you're probably in a "no reward" category right now.) 

I’m supporting you with 10$ or more a month, and don’t want to downgrade. Can I get the pin and still support you like I used to?

First off, you’re THE BEST.
Secondly, you can switch over to the celebration tier, but set your pledge to more than 5$ on the same page, to the amount you’ve pledged before. And THANK YOU!! Here's how it works. 

I'm not sure I did this right? How can I know I'm on the right tier?

When you look at the tier images, the Celebration tier should show up as "YOUR CURRENT REWARD" written in a grey box under it. If you're unsure, ask me about it. I'll let you know straight away if you don't show up in the right tier.
For one last failsafe, a few days before the campaign ends, I'll send everyone in the Celebration tier a message, and post about the message in a Patreon post. If you didn't get the message but wanted to get a pin, you'll still have time to get on!

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