Someone once said the best way to explain the Internet to someone who lived 50 years ago would be to tell them it's like being hit in the face by a Life magazine every 10 minutes. 50 years ago magazines like Life and National Geographic were the main way people would be exposed to a broad range of high quality images. My grandfather grew up in a rural area far from the cities, but his house was full of those magazines. I remember browsing the library of WWII campaign maps his parents collected so they could follow the locations named in the radio news.

That's a long preamble to the reflection that I use inspiration imagery A LOT when I draw. I'm always browsing the Internet, leafing through old D&D books, and rooting around in used bookstores looking for images. Today I'm using Pinterest as a place to store the images that are driving my creative process.

Using Pinterest is kind of like walking around Crate & Barrel while you're waiting for your daughter to buy shoes. You're sure there's some interesting stuff here, but before long you just feel nauseated.

So anyway, here are my Pinterest boards, lovingly curated over the past few years: