Pinup From 2014 + Sorry Guys
Sorry, guys.

You hear that a lot from me and I mean it every time. But last week and the weekend before screwed me up bad in a couple ways I wasn't able to compensate for. After finishing the previous page, remember when I said I felt better? Well afterwards I was feeling a lot worse. And I couldn't draw for a while. But even worse than the, frankly moderate pain I was feeling in my wrist and arm, the compounding pressure of constantly being late affected my head.

And I just kinda stewed for half a week in a really bad depressive funk. That was before I saw the news out of Florida. I don't speak about it much, and I'm not going to open up with my political leanings here. But when I see a tragedy like that, I'm the sort of person that just feels so much worse afterwards. And I ended up getting into something like despair. I was able to do simple functions like basic sustenance. But trying to work on a cute, fun, comic that was beyond late was messing with my head and I can barely stomach it. So I'm sorry.

The page is going to be really late.

- Psu