the Pipeline - Future Works
I decided to add this in the main section of my Patreon page...I'm also including this as a shareable post.  This is the real "why Patreon?" if you ask me!   I hadn't yet put this list in writing with this much detail, it is equal parts terrifying and exciting.

Novels / Full Lengths (note some titles subject to change)
Exile - Science Fiction Horror / Adventure
Witch - Horror
Zero - Psychological thriller 
House on the Corner - Suburban Horror
New Memphis - Science Fiction / Horror (Crescent follow-up)
Mug - Post apocalyptic / Noir detective
Ghost Mountain - Science Fiction (Eden follow-up)
the Travelers - YA Science Fiction
Miss Lucifer - Horror (Harvey follow-up)
the Cannibal Dance - Horror (Harvey follow-up)
A Prayer for Rain (Part 1) -  Post-apocalyptic/fantasy epic
Flood Land (Part 2) - Post-apocalyptic/fantasy epic
the Doll's Heart - Horror
Castle Glass - YA Fantasy

Short fiction - way too numerous to mention, so here's a few upcoming titles
The Clown Motel
Mirror, Mirror
the Hand
Mr. Boogey
Station Fall
The Gypsy Anomaly