Another Lrp inspired image as my first drawing back after the Easter weekend, my character Gralka and Yhargol fighting in the Imperial orc fighting pit. It's based on events during our nations General election, orcs fight to choose their generals and the fight I had was so good I had to paint it.

For a brief moment when I began to colour the image I thought, butts! you've ruined this one putting washes on it. Something about painting the yellow among the blue background seemed wrong, I had to step away and leave it for a bit.

Came back the next day and went back to colouring painting over the washes to make things more striking and play a little with texture, although I confess to wussing out a little when it came to Yhargol's jerkin, it could have had more.

Pit Fight line art

This is the picture without colour, it looked fine but without the blood coloured in you could have thought they were about to kiss - eek!

Pit fight coloured in

The full version of my finished image, rescued and everything.