Pixel Action RPG Project
This is one of the more complicated projects I'm working on.  As of now it's an action rpg with some rts elements ( the ability to spawn different minion types in exchange for currency ).  It took me about 2 weeks to develop the game to this point( art, code, sound, concept), and I'm still thinking up new things to add to it.  

First things first

I feel that it is important to prioritize properly.  The first things I concentrated on were basic action rpg elements, a stats system, health, combat, and movement.  I really focused on polishing these fundamental aspects of the game and feel that everyone should at least have these mechanics down.


After polishing these mechanics, I was able to start getting creative.  I added a "special" attack system and a way to charge that special attack up.  It was also at this point that I started to think about the minions and what part they'd have in this game.  I'm still on the fence about using a spawner, but I have another idea in making a different character that the player could choose who would be able to spawn minions to fight for them.