Pixelart? Why even?
I don't even think about adding pixels to my commissions offer...

Yet I got 'stuck' with them as of late. I just can't force myself to switch back to regular drawing (will force myself in a moment today though, it's high time!)

But actually it's not that bad that I do them! Pixels help me learn and see some stuff about shading, that I never needed for my regular drawing style to look "nice enough"... Who knows, maybe I'm actually incorporating those things to my regular drawing withoute ven truly realising? Shaing pixels is not that obvious... it can go VERY WRONG and at first I had to re-invent my way of putting shades and highlights xD I believe pixelart has a positive influence on my regular art^^

Just pity I can't show you the results (for many months to come), because things I'm currently pixeling are intended for Tales of Ostlea holiday releases so far(must be done all privately), only except for the otters. ^^; Can't wait till you see the critters I made for this Christmas release! ;A;

Ok, enough, about to go and say sorry to my tablet for neglecting it! :P