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Kendo For Life Club: Platinum
$20 or more per month 34 patrons
Level 3: Platinum
All the Platinum Patrons will receive...
  • Receive a Copy of Kendo Guide for Beginners (If you want)
  • Access to Kendo for Adults
  • Patron Only Newsletter
  • Getting Kendo Podcast 1 week before it is available to the public
  • Access to Kendo Study (Introducing kendo techniques and training methods)
  • Your Name Will Appear on My Creations (Videos, Books) as Credit. Tell me if you don't want your name on the creations.
  • Access to more than 250+ instruction videos
  • Hiro's Pick (introducing great videos available on the Internet including Japanese videos)
  • Review Video on Hiro's Pick (You will get detailed explanation on Hiro's Pick)
  • Creating a Video on Your Request (This is great to learn movements in detail)
  • Secret Videos will be Relieved (not available to the public)
  • Learn Japanese through Kendo
  • Gain access to and download ALL the Kendo Instructional Videos (Full Access) (when it is available to download)
  • Access to No Ads Videos
  • One on One Instruction on Kendo, once per month (Skype [Max: 45 min] or I will review your training video if sent in)
  • You will receive a physical copy of the products such as books and DVDs that I create.
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