Problematic Polyamory w/ Eve Rickert - S3E14pt1

Eve Rickert identified as polyamorous for 14 years, meaning she had multiple romantic partners simultaneously, with everyone's consent. When she became involved with Franklin Veaux, a well-known polyamorous writer whose sprawling website had become a touchstone for many polyamorous people; the two worked together for many years, helping him publish several books based on his past polyamorous relationships.

Over time, she began to suffer from the very brand of "ethical" polyamory they were promoting-- and started to see signs that Veaux, and his history, were not what she'd been led to believe. She and five other women came forward within a transformative justice framework, committed to telling their stories while also offering Franklin an opportunity to listen and learn from the ways he'd affected the women in his life. Since then, about six more women have come forward. 

Stay tuned, Before You Go: Rachel explains the show's new direction, and how the IndoctriNation podcast aims to explore manipulation tactics through a variety of social realms.

Read the survivor accounts here:

Veaux survivor pod Medium page:

Eve and Franklin's book, "More Than Two: A Practical Guide to Ethical Polyamory", one of the most popular books on polyamory:

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