Plague Doctors of Tepat
While Tepat does not have microscopes or a true concept of germs, they are aware of infection by ‘cadaverous particles’ and the basics of antisepsis, including the cleansing properties of acids and alcohols - and fire and boiling water. Plague doctors wear a modification of costume completely covering the skin, made of wax-coated white cloth. Their accessories include a metal staff like a shepherds crook for touching patients and corpses, and another staff with a lamp, which can be used to cauterize, disinfect - or ignite a pyre. They also carry sealed, waxed bags for collecting samples, knives, and a jug of liquor, for cleaning and for starting fires. Their wagon conveys the sick and dead and contains more fuel, alcohol, and tools.

Two doctors can be seen examining a victim of the Red Death, with profuse spontaneous hemorrhage, in this informational illustration from the Conciliarity. They are indentified by their xaq (circular cloth around the neck) emblazoned in red with the glyph ‘Healing.’

Following their rounds, the doctors will return to the sealed room of their infirmary to remove their clothes, which are washed in alcohol and hot water. Very soiled clothes, with stains from the flesh or fluids of patients, are burned. Their metal implements are rinsed in alcohol and set on fire. The doctors immediately pass through a bath of extremely hot water, and are rubbed down with alcohol.