The Plan
By: Renato Castro Pasion, Jr. 
(Makati, Philippines – January 25, 2016)

When I became single again
I hatched a brilliant plan
To date as many young, beautiful women
For as long as I possibly can

I sought women in their twenties
Passionate, vibrant, and full of life
Those who saw a future ahead of them
Not those who were old, cynical, and tired 

I put my plan in action
And dated the ones who took the bait
With brunettes, red heads, and blondes
It was a party worth the wait

But God looked at my plan and laughed
And threw me an inside curve
I crashed and burned so many times
A catastrophe, you wouldn’t believe

He led me to an awesome woman
Of all things...On-line?
She is beautiful, sweet, successful
And I am going out of my mind

She is a walking contradiction
That doesn’t fit the criteria I’ve set
An unbelievably, attractive conundrum
That I try my best to forget

We chat from morning to evening
And anything in between
She asked why I have trouble sleeping
Snoring, I said, “I don’t know what you mean”

In a moment of desperation, I asked
“Do you even like me just one bit?”
To which she aptly replied
“Dear Boy, we haven’t even met!”

At last, the moment came
That we had a chance to meet
I hatched another brilliant plan
For her to like me beyond belief

But l really, really like her
And there's a chance I am falling in love
So I completely ditched the plan
And asked my Father above

Two weeks before our meeting
I had a plan completely new
I said, “Lord, if this is your will,
Guide me and tell me what to do."