My name is JP. In late 2013 I created what is now known as "CatholicLegion" on Instagram. Now in 2017, I have begun to branch out to other social media platforms. A Blog, Instagram, and YouTube are the outlets that I will be pursuing.
Here's the thing; Mainstream Catholic media has failed the Catholic Church in the West. Instead of helping, it's only caused ignorance and lack of attention to the things that matter. For over 30 years Catholics have been under the thumb of publishing houses and outlets which have shown little fidelity or attention to accuracy towards the Catholic faith. Instead; Catholicism has been hijacked to fit leftists political agendas by these outlets.
The good news: the Internet allows Catholics to get accurate information quicker. It is clear that this has caused great resurgence in faith and in orthodoxy. Things that go hand in hand, and things which help people get closer to Christ.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I need two things. 1) The most important is your prayers for this apostolate. This apostolate is dedicated to fighting against the principalities of evil in this world, because of this, the enemy will be happy with nothing but seeing our demise. We ask you to keep us in your intentions
2) Donations. Funds are needed in order to make these projects into juggernauts. Secular organizations received thousands to millions of dollars to promote worldly desires and ideals.
This Apostolate will be combating these secular organizations due to the incompatibility of the world and the Catholic Church, but for the fight to be successful, we need your monetary support!