Over the next week I'll be writing up a plan that includes writing prompts for fiction and non-fiction ideas for aspiring writers.  Just like you, I am new to this, but I am trying to bring value to your experience and I'm hoping we can learn from each other.  

There will be word count goals incorporated into these writing prompts, and I highly suggest joining Medium if you do not already as it's a great platform for having your actual posts read.  Then you can solicit others on here to review and hopefully recommend or follow you there (within reason, no spamming).

I just started with Patreon about 1 week ago.  In my introduction, you'll also notice that I joined Scott Santens  in his Big Creator Pledge (at the bottom of his intro page)  to create and at the same time, have patrons join me and help me to secure a basic income for myself without the strings attached of government funded disability in Canada.   I set my basic income at $1500 because I want to get off of disability and it costs more in many ways to be disabled mainly due to transportation needs.

So you will often see writing from me about poverty, disability and the unconditional basic income idea that needs to be brought forth in North America and the world as our jobs are slowly outsourced to machines, and the remaining jobs become either drudgery and waste our precious minds that can be better utilized to enhance everyone's life.

I'm in Canada so I still have to figure out the financial aspect of earning on Patreon and then having to file taxes as I have no idea how much withholding tax I'll need to put aside.  If any of you have any idea, please let me know.