It's very likely that I'll need to spend more time on thesauria, as the project is now a part of my uni assessment. This means less time for daily drawings. If this is the case, the hi-res files of thesauria will replace my daily drawings for the next several weeks, and there will be at least 4 animal entries finished this month. My 2 existing animals will also be thrown in to the batch.

I also owe someone a painting of cattail marsh, to use in his article about Marsh Awareness Month which is apparently in may. This will be the wallpaper-format painting I create for the month.

The rotating shell gifs is still ongoing, but I'm not prioritizing it at the moment, which means I'll unpredictably update it every now and then. The final goal will be to create an Ernest Haeckel-like poster of 9 or so shell specimens, each of them rotating in place (which requires drawings of 4 different views each).

Sorry if my rambling doesn't make sense, I certainly need more sleep.