The Plan Going Forward 2
Stream of Consciousness!

I mentioned in my last post that most of Act IV is done. I'm revising some bits because they no longer fit the overall narrative (design of the Moonhawk, uniforms, placement of certain characters, etc.), but the original art for that was drawn from mid-2007 to early 2010. Not to mention the fact that I had the incredible team of Nekoshiei and Marie Tary doing lines and colors from about March to November of 2008, and Nekoshiei and I kept producing pages into 2009. So, at THAT point, there will be a RADICAL art shift. It starts mid way through Act IV and goes on to mid way through Act V. When we arrive at that point in the story, I will be doing a MASSIVE archive dump and the comic will update 2-3x per week for a while as I clear that out. I do need to be clear about this: do not expect Nekoshiei to come back. She and I only intermittently speak these days, and my experience with her and hers with me suggested we not work together on the regular again. That said, I am very pleased with what we DID accomplish, and plan to keep it intact.

i personally with complete Act V, and then the Epilogue chapter. HOPEFULLY, by that time, I will have access to the 3D model we are having made for the TV series and instead of drawing the Moonhawk over and over, I can use that. Some folks are not extremely excited about that, but I always thought it worked well for the comic Angels 2200 and I'm hoping I can make it work here.


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