The Plan Going Forward
Ok, one down, about 19 to go.

As you no doubt saw, Starship Moonhawk updated... and I did it myself! I had planned to hire this great artist and do all kinds of things, but my financial situation right now demands that I get off my fat ass and do this myself. And that's ok, because there was never a point in my life where I said "Oh, God, I can't STAND drawing these characters." Now, it may be true that I'm rusty and I can't always perfectly convey my ideas into coherent artwork. But that's ok. I'm finally at a point where I've decided I'm ok with that and plan to just... move on.

Some interesting notes: Act III is the area I made the most significant changes. "The Mercadian Affair" was written out as a Five Act + Epilogue storyline. I'm actually fairly satisfied with most of what we did in Act IV and V so far, but when I sat down and revised a bunch of things in the overall series canon, I realized that most of what I had done, and the way I had done it in Act III simply had to go. So I re-wrote the entire last two-thirds. And that's where the series got stuck.

I was actually chugging along pretty well in late 2010, but necessity forced me to abandon my home abruptly and as a result, all work ground to a halt. After a number of life changes and financial disasters, I just sorta realized this is my bread-and-butter and I needed to get back to it.

Anyway, I'm shooting for Monday for updates. Wish me luck ;)