Planet Kora is home to the Korana, a race that shares a symbiotic relationship with the planet.

The Korana can always feel a connection to their home, no matter how far they venture into the galaxy. Because of this, when the Vaq forces arrived the Korana didn't resist in an attempt to avoid any irreparable damage to the planet. Only a handful remained behind to surreptitiously misdirect the occupying forces from key regions. These Korana were generlaly the oldest and most potent with the element of Earth, thus having a deeper connection to the planet.

Gravity is slightly higher than on Earth at 11.76 m/s, and the atmosphere is composed of Nitrogen (67.1%), Oxygen (25.9%) and Argon (1.23%). Humans can survive unaided on Kora, though will have a difficult go of it.

Kora is covered in lush and dense forrests, hosting all manner of critters that live in harmony with each other. No creature is superfluous to the function of the ecosystem. A single mountain covers much of the eastern hemisphere and is the highest known peak in the galaxy, natural or otherwise.

Planet Kora is first featured in The Shroud of the Gods and explored further in The Keeper of Sin.

Rotational Period 28.5 earth hours     Orbital Period 407 Earth days, eliptical

Gravity 11.76 m/s (1.2 times Earth)     Natural Satellites None

Equatorial Radius 11483.7 Km (1.8 times Earth)   Population Enemy occupied