The Planetary Magic Solstic Show
Here's the link to our radio show Carl Munson and I did a couple of nights ago about the astrological significance of what's going on right now.…/ca…/planetary-magic-solstice-show.

In this show I explain the energetic meanings of the:-

1 - Solstice (21st June)
2 - Full Moon (28th June)
3 - Partial Solar eclipse (13th July)
4 - Total lunar eclipse (27th July)

 We also chat through the energies in respect of how these dates link  up, and how the messages reveal a narrative for us in the months ahead.  We can create personal magic with them, by focusing in on our  intentions at the time of these energetic 'portals'! Listen in if you  feel inclined or are ready to change :)

 I've also been recording lots of podcasts on Chiron, Uranus, Saturn and  their placements within your birth charts and how we can use this  information to heal and plan our lives more effectively. They are all here on my Patreon page. 

There's also a free 5 part video series showing you how to create your birthchart for the first time.

Here's to new starts and the chance to create our lives in a new and more authentic way. Happy Solstice.