Planner: A new desktop client for Todoist

Hello friends, after the release of Byte. I have spent my free time to improve my second application available in App Center: Planner.

Planner is a task manager and with this new update a native Todoist client.

Definitely one of the things you can see in this new update is the new design inspired by products such as "Things", "Todoist Web", "Apple Music Web" and "Tasks for elementary OS"

But this would not have been possible without the help of Daniel Fore (he does not know, but I borrowed the design of the tasks). If you are reading this, Daniel, thank you.

So far many of the basic features work: create Projects, Tasks, Sections, Labels, Deadlines, Subtasks, etc. One of the features of this new version that I am most excited to announce is the arrival of Drag and Drop. Reordenas Projects, Tasks, etc.

And that's not all, Magic Button comes to Planner, an easy and elegant way to create tasks.

Planner is not yet fully developed but I am very happy with the things this does. I can't give them a release date but they may be testing the new Planner from the repository in Github  and if you find a bug, let me know.

I want to end by thanking all my patreons for their contributions. And tell everyone that if they like Byte or the new Planner and want to help with their development you can support me through my PayPal account or becoming a patreon.

I will try to make these posts weekly to inform you about Planner's progress.

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