I have diverted part of my attention to the character papers of several support characters (well, actually only one) which appeared in Lauren Hastings' story in the first novel and then, for them earlier, in the second novel, because some of them will reappear in the third and I want to have them up to date before I get that far.  I am also working on setting up the third novel chapters for posting, and drafting entries for the Faith in Play series, which is probably the least pressing but most interesting of the current projects.  So most of what I'm doing is preparation for something else.  That's also to some degree the theme of today's installment of the novel, For Better or Verse; Chapter 25, Slade 51, as Bob and company talk about what they are going to need to prepare for their return journey once they've reached their target.

Somehow despite the fact that yesterday was not so busy I missed the Chaplain's Study post; I've posted it already, but it was late today, and I want to post the one for today without putting them right on top of each other, so I'm sort of juggling tasks.  But I'll get there.