First of all, I'd like to address the issue of the next page update. The last update took over 100 hours and two people. I'd like to take this moment to formally acknowledge Riley, tumblr user Rivaeran, for his brilliant work in assisting me. Riley Helped me with completing the line art and placing each word in the dialogue each letter by tedious letter. I plan on actually installing a custom font program into my computer by the time I attack the next five pages- but I digress, you guys want dates! So I've done the calculations and I'm estimating that the next update will take approximately 150 hours of work in order to polish it. At that, I would estimate the release to be on July 25th- However this is not a confirmed date. Riley will be working part time at a conventional job and there's a possibility that I may need to pick up a job in the meantime as well. This could push the update back as far as a month. If I can get enough funding, however, I wont need to get a job and I will be able to dedicate myself to this as my full time job.

SO I'm getting into contact with family and friends about SAN: CAECUS getting its own website- something that would also double as a gallery/store/blog that would keep all of its information neatly in one place. Right now I'm comparing the benefits and prices between using a webspace with a custom domain name or hiring a web designer. Right now I don't need anything too extravagant- Just a format for reading the comic, and archive, a gallery, and a newsblog which are all very basic. However, I would like to eventually expand towards hosting an online store, a server that allows patrons to have an account on the website giving them extra content, and many other features that would make the website fun and interactive. Once I get more information on prices, talk to a few well educated people, and get everything straight I can start to describe a plan with a goal for the funds from this website. In the meantime, all proceeds are going towards marker/pen/paper replacements,  as well as food and bills. 

Thank you for your help, I hope you guys have had a good few days and I'll check back in soon!