Plans and Projects
Been awhile since I made an update, so here goes.

Infinite Rainy Day - My flagship anime blog, if you haven't noticed, has gone through a lot of changes. We jad a massive staff change recently, and I'm planning to deal with the site design and staff page soon. Depends on when I can get some time for it.

As for writing, I'll definitely be continuing Otaku Queer. Plans are a bit on the backburner, but I've been mulling around a piece on Transistor Venus, Metal Gear, and Majima from the Yakuza series. The Good Ones, my new series spotlighting good charaters in bad franchises, will be continuing soon. I'm working on a Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid list, and then plan to tackle one for Persona 3 (fight me in real life and not online). I'll continue doing odd stuff here and there as well, currently eyeing a review of the comic My Pet. Not sure when I'll get back around to watching anime, but hopefully sonner than latter.

Bi The Dark Side - I hope you enjoyed my big Alpha Protocol piece (non-backers, you'll be able to read it soon!), and you can expect more massive articles like that. The Full Course series will be a huge expose sort of articles, each going over a single piece of media. Currently working on a Dragon Age: Origins piece, which will be done when it's done. Considering doing one on the Always Sometimes Monsters series once the second game releases, and maybe a revisit to Read Only memories, VA-11, and Ladykiller in a Bind, but I also havee plenty of DVDs on hand to check out. If you have ideas for this series, feel free to leave a comment!

Smaller articles will continue being regularly published. Hopefully I can find time to get back to Max's Big Bust soon. Remember, I'll always put commissions first, my little info graphic detailing how that works is on the main page of my Patreon!

South Park Going South is on hiatus until I feel financially secure enough to renew my Hulu subscription. Steam Sifter will be back with rule changes, thanks to the idiotic treatment of reviews on that site. I might do some app spotlight stuff too.

I have a few other ideas on the backburner for sheer size of the project, like a massive list of my favorite villains. They will also be done when they're done.

E-Book - I'll admit, I got sidetracked BAD due to stuff happening in my country right now, but I have the first book fully planned out. It all comes down to finding the time to write up my thoughts. I'm close to the 1/4 mark, and I'll be sure to post another preview once I hit the sixth essay. For those unaware, it will be a look at how indie games explore basic human life in their own odd ways.

I should also mention I'm assisting Hardcore Gaming 101 with a book on NES games, and another on indie games. Thankfully, most of the games I have picked out for those projects are on the shorter side, so don't expect them to drag myy schedule down too much.

Commissions - Seriously, give me money and I will write things for you. Contact me from the e-mail listed if you have any questions!