This year has been really rough. We all know this. But, it's coming to an end soon, and we can only wonder what next year will bring us...

Focusing on the artistic side of things, I've got a few things in mind. Call them art resolutions I guess? Some stuff to look forward to next year, both here on Patreon (for the patrons) and in general:

-More posts that aren't just related to the comic (like fan art previews)

-Hoping to hype that this page exists in general. After being jobless for two months, I hope to have this as at least an emergency cushion for bills and the like

- VARIED fan art in general. I want to show the world all the different kinds of things I enjoy, instead of just focusing on 1-2 specific fandoms

- Collabing with my wife, Leigh (kourabiedes), in which we plan to release at least one major comic idea in the early parts of 2017. It's MLP-related, so look forward to it!

- Expanding the Raison universe with more specials (you know, the little 5-10-ish page things I've come out with in the last half of this year) Let's learn about more characters and more things that will build on the world!

So...these are my art resolutions. While my regular ones will probably break within the first month, hehe, I strongly promise to work on these things in particular.

Let's make it a good 2017 :3