Plans for 2019
As it's the new year, let's take a look at all the things I'm expecting to do and accomplish! It's only the first, so I have no idea what 2019 has in store for anyone yet, so here is my ridiculously optimistic look at what I'm hoping this year will bring and what I'll be working towards.


  • DemiPrincess 2 & 3: Completed drafts (ideally all the way to publication, but we'll see)
  • RibbonDancer: Final revision and then hopefully a sale
  • 12 stories/vignettes/poems for 2020 patrons
  • Another verse novel in Fairytale Verses
  • Short vignettes about established characters (throw ideas at me! I love ideas!)
  • Whatever else my brain throws at me


  • 52 short, personal essays about writing and related or anything else people have questions about specifically
  • Publishing that State of Ace Rep in Tradpub SFF I've been talking about in 2018 (eeeeee!)
  • Analysis of the ace rep in Chameleon Moon
  • Anything else that comes up? I'm keeping it fairly light
  • Discussions of some of the academic papers I found about asexuality in media


  • Dependent on the EU not being ridiculous about copyright laws: More Let's Plays! I have fun with those (and they take up less time than you think)
  • More Lynn Reads. Ideally I'd like to get one short story read per month.
  • More Lynn Reacts! Just... not in this format because this format isn't working for anyone.

The videos are kind of on hold until I get my reading list sorted out. Then I can set up a series of 'lecture' videos about ace rep in SFF fiction and pretend I'm teaching a lecture-heavy course on it!

I think that about covers it? What about you? Do you have any specific 2019-related plans?

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